Bespoke Envelope Manufacturers

Here at Opal, we manufacture bespoke envelopes. We have the machinery, tooling, and – most importantly – the experience and expertise to create an envelope in almost any material, colour, size and quantity.

We don’t try to compete with larger manufacturers of stock sizes and formats, we concentrate on standard and non-standard pocket and wallet envelope sizes, odd window sizes and shapes in standard and non-standard positions, all backed up by our sales, production and warehouse team, together with the latest IT system.

We aim to solve all of your envelope problems, and have the facilities to get the job done on time, hassle free and at a competitive price.

Opal, the bespoke envelope manufacturing specialist.

I’ve been in the envelope industry since 2001 and Opal has always been my most trusted supplier. When sourcing bespoke envelopes, I look for 4 key things: a quick response to quotes, a competitive price, a quality product and a practical lead time. These are all qualities of Opal; they make the buying process simple and it’s a pleasure doing business with a great team.

Brett always takes the time to visit when in Scotland and I’d consider him a friend as well as a trusted supplier.

Dario Valente – Paramount Printers