Custom made envelopes, designed by you

The main benefit of having your envelopes manufactured by Opal is that you have total control over what the final mail piece will look like. Custom made envelopes make sure you get your message over to the customer in style.

Opal Envelopes allows its customers to ‘think outside the box’. For example you can print whatever design or message you like on the envelopes, you can position the window where you wish as well as choosing which material to have them made from. The only limitation is your imagination.

We have many customer who are conscious about envelopes being made from recycled paper or using materials that have been responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. Opal are committed to saving the environment and are rewarded with FSC accreditation. Please read more about the work FSC do for the environment by clicking on this link FSC

Opal Envelopes have recently passed their latest FSC audit (24/5/16). We have had FSC accreditation for over 6 years and can show an increase on FSC certified orders year after year.

Having previously spot purchased FSC certified material on a job by job basis we are now pleased to announce that all of our standard stock white material is now bought as FSC mix credit. This will allow us to offer more competitive prices and lead-times on FSC items.

Please contact us on 01902 791212 if you would like your custom made envelopes to be produced in FSC certified material.

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