All Board Envelopes

Here at Opal we welcome bespoke envelope requests. All board envelopes or paper envelopes in any size or style are not a problem. In this issue of Opal’s blog I wanted to highlight how we can develop your ideas into the finished envelope.

All Board Envelopes – the customers brief.

We recently had a customer request for an envelope suitable to market and send out samples of dog food. The customer was Guru Pet Foods, more information about them can be found by clicking on this link Click here. Guru wanted to market their product in a tough, durable envelope with an eye catching design. Our sales team recommended an all board envelope. However not just a plain old standard envelope, but one manufactured with an all over coverage print that displayed the customers logo and message.

All Board Envelopes – the result

What do you think?


  • The envelope is manufactured from a 250gsm, 420 micron thick folding box board.
  • Opal added capacity creases added to allow extra space for the dog food sample to sit inside the envelope.
  • The mailer is printed all over coverage with litho inks and a sealer to enhance the colours.
  • The material used is a grease resistant board, so oil from the dog food sample doesn’t leak through.
  • The envelope is finished with a Peel and seal tape for secure sealing and a red ripper strip to allow easy opening.

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