All Board Envelopes

Opal Envelopes manufacture All Board Envelopes at our plant in Wolverhampton.

Opal Envelopes can produce either stock or ‘bespoke’ all board  envelopes within the following specifications.

  • Pockets Envelopes, opening on the short edge 100mm x 65mm upto 460mm x 370mm
  • Wallet Envelopes, opening on the long edge 65mm x 100mm upto 340mm x 600mm
  • An Expandelope® the new gusset style we have developed 150mm x 115mm upto 423mm x 324mm (based on a 25mm gusset)

The choice of material is up to you or if you need expert advice call our sales office 01902 791212. We can produce your all board envelope in the materials below from a 190gm upto a 600gm.

  • White lined chipboard (recycled board with a white outer)
  • Folding box board (coated board ideal for printed jobs)
  • Heavyweight offset
  • Tinted offset

Having problems printing on all board envelopes?

Printing on all board envelopes has historically been a problem, but Opal Envelopes make it easy. We take the plain board stock, pre-print the sheets and then make up in to the finished envelope. This means no more ‘set off’ for you overprinters!

Type of seal on all board envelopes.

We can produce either the stock or bespoke all board envelopes with a hot melt peel and seal strip or a tuck in flap. If you want the peel and seal option we can also add an easy opening tear strip to the flap.


You can address your mail piece by applying a label to the front of the all board envelope or if you prefer we can produce the standard stock or bespoke board envelope with a window aperture (36 micron film) If you need a bespoke size/shape or position of window please call our sales office to discuss.