Bespoke Envelopes And Email

As a British Manufacturer of Bespoke Envelopes we are often asked ‘but who still uses envelopes?’

In recent years we have seen the increase in digital media through Facebook, Twitter etc. Smartphone technology continues to develop but Opal Envelopes continues to increase year on year the amount of envelopes it produces.

In this issue of the Opal Envelopes blog I will let you know who and why Bespoke Envelopes are still the best form of communicating your brand or message.

Bespoke Envelopes are envelopes manufactured which are away from the everyday sizes and styles we all see in office stationery shops. Bespoke envelopes allow the designers imagination to run wild. Opal Envelopes offer the opportunity to have your envelope produced in any size, material, weight or style.

What better way to promote your company than letting the envelope you post your message in, be first class (excuse the envelope pun) . Look at the example below, how impressed would you be if you had this envelope delivered to you? the company who’ve had this produced must have very high standards.

Bespoke Envelopes manufactured by Opal
Bespoke Envelopes manufactured by Opal

The argument we often hear is that email is cheaper and more targeted. But don’t cheapen your brand, a bespoke envelope grabs attention, is informative about your company and makes the recipient feel valued.

Royal Mail have carried out some research into how mail and email can work together for your company. A free report is available from the Royal Mail website

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