Bespoke Envelopes Make The Right Impression

At our manufacturing plant in Wolverhampton, Opal Envelopes produce high quality bespoke envelopes.

  • What are bespoke envelopes and why pay extra?

This is a question we are often asked and have to justify as bespoke envelopes will cost you more than a standard off the shelf, everyday envelope. ‘But’ why invest heavily in your product or service only to skimp on marketing? When marketing think as a consumer. If you received in the post a high quality envelope, displaying high quality print in a tactile high quality paper, you would feel specially selected to receive that message and are therefore more likely to response.

  • Foiling and Embossing

At Opal Envelopes we are frequently asked for bespoke envelopes with either a Foiling or Embossed image. Both finishes look great and really make your envelopes stand out. They certainly would make your brand more memorable to the receiver.

The Foiling process involves creating a metal foil block of your chosen image. This is then heated and transferred onto the paper. More and more colours of foils are becoming available, from tradition gold and silver to holographic. Embossing involves creating a die which when pressed against the paper leaves a raised impression. Embossing can be left plain or to make a real impact why not emboss a printed image? Check out this link for ideas on foiling and embossing

  • Why choose Opal Envelopes

Opal are true bespoke envelope specialists. We understand it maybe daunting knowing what or how to design a bespoke envelope but please don’t worry, your in safe hands at Opal. We will talk through your concept and give recommendations on how to make a real impact with your mail.

To start the ball rolling please take a look at our inspiration gallery

For any samples please call our sales department on 01902 791212

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