Bespoke Envelopes Produced In Paper

Just a quick blog to remind you we haven’t stopped manufacturing envelopes in paper weights.

I am aware we have been ‘banging the drum’ about heavyweight envelopes for a while now but don’t forget about us for your bespoke envelope needs in paper.

We have four machines on site in Wolverhampton that can produce bespoke envelopes in a 90gm paper upto and including a 150gm. We are flexible in the types of paper we use, whether it be our standard white or manilla envelope base stock sheets we keep on site or a bespoke paper of your choice.

We have excellent contacts with all paper merchants and several mills so supply is not a problem. If it suits you can supply the paper into Opal, even pre-printed if you so wish.

Envelope sizes are not a problem either. We can supply all the standard envelope sizes such as C4, C5 pockets or wallets but also the more unusual. Our strengths lie in the bespoke market so don’t be put off if you need an odd sized envelope. Nothing looks worse than your letter looking forced into the envelope or the address not sitting right in the window. What ever the size of envelope between 80mmx90mm upto 457mm x 324mm we can manufacture it.

If you require a sample pack to show our quality please let me know.

01902 791212

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