All-Board Gusset Envelope

Here at Opal Envelopes we are constantly looking at new ideas in order to help promote your business. The latest item to be developed and approved by our design team is the All-Board Gusset Envelope.

As we know Direct Mail works….. a well designed thought out ‘mailer’ has more of an impact than a ‘cold’ email campaign. However making sure your contents arrive through the post in the same condition as they left you can be a battle.

When you want to send a larger than normal pack through the post sometimes a paper envelope isn’t strong enough and extra capacity is required. This problem put our design team to the test and after a few late nights it resulted in the development of the All Board Gusset Envelope. Please see the image below of how the product will look.


The gusset can be produced in white lined grey board, folding box board or heavy offset material. These can be produced with a window in the envelope if required and also printed full colour. The envelopes are finished with a peel and seal closure.

In the next few weeks we will be in a position to send out samples of the gussets under our brand name – Expandelope® – The All Board Gusset Envelope. If you are interested in receiving a sample of this new and exciting product please let David or Tom know on 01902 791212.

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