Custom Made Envelopes

Custom made envelopes are our strength at Opal. You give us your idea, we make it happen. Manufactured on site in Wolverhampton UK, check out our You Tube channel to see some envelopes been produced

Opal Envelopes You Tube Channel

Sometimes you may have a clear picture in your mind of what the finished envelope will look like but  not sure of how to get there. This is where Opal Envelopes can help. Our friendly staff will talk you through your idea for a custom made envelope or you can fill out an enquiry form on line and we will call or email you back.

Opal Envelopes Enquiry Form

On the form just let us know the following

  1. Quantity of envelopes required
  2. Size of custom made envelopes required, a great help is giving us the dimensions with the flap/opening at the top. Failing that just let us know the size of the insert and we will do the rest.
  3. What type of material and gramage/thickness you would like the envelopes made from. Dont worry about the gramage if your not sure we can advise best suited to the size.
  4. Please let us know if you would prefer a pocket style envelope (opening on the short edge) or a wallet style (opening on the long edge)
  5. We can produce custom made envelopes with the traditional gummed (‘lick and stick’) method, self seal (‘save the hassle’) method or peel and seal. Peel and seal is the more preferred seal. This is the seal where a paper slip covers the adhesive giving a longer shelf life.
  6. If your envelope concept needs a window to display an address let us know, if you have the position great, if not don’t worry we can advise an approx area it can be positioned within.
  7. Some customers prefer a security pattern (opaque)  inside their envelopes, we can print a standard generic pattern or your own custom made design.
  8. If you want print to the outside of your custom made envelopes not a problem, all over the envelope or just some basic text, at Opal we can arrange this for you.

Custom made envelopes are possible, let Opal Envelopes take the stress and hassle out of your project.

Direct Mail Envelopes
Direct Mail Envelopes