Custom Designed Envelopes

Custom designed envelopes are possible. At Opal Envelopes we allow you to design your own envelopes.  Don’t just settle for ‘off the shelf’ plain white or manilla stock options, allow your mailings to stand out.

Make your company message stand out by sending custom designed envelopes. The envelope you post your correspondence in is the first impression the consumer has of your business.

Opal Envelopes offer you the opportunity of having bespoke personalised envelopes made from a wide range of bespoke papers/boards, for example laid, tinted, folding box board and high quality offsets to name just a few.

You also have the option of  printing what you like on the envelope. Make your brand stand out, personalise your message on the envelope. Opal Envelopes can arrange the printing of the paper or board before making up into the finished envelope, this allows your print to bleed all over the envelope, front and back. If you prefer a more simpler design this is not a problem.

The size of your envelope is not a issue to Opal, we can produce any bespoke size so it fits your contents perfectly.

Please call our sales office 01902 791212 to discuss your requirements or for a sample pack.

Opal Envelopes