Designing Bespoke Envelopes

At Opal Envelopes we specialise in manufacturing bespoke envelopes, this means that we can either produce or offer a very close alternative to all the weird and wonderful ideas your creative brains can come up with. However, it is important to consider a few different things when designing your potential envelope, so help us to help you to get the perfect product for your needs by following some of the simple steps below.

  • Quantity you need to mail out

First thing to consider is the required quantity, it’s always best to allow for extras when deciding on quantities especially if the envelopes are to be used as a mailshot. Also, make sure that you take in to account overs for waste if the envelopes are to go on to be overprinted.

  • Size required

Next up is the size of the bespoke envelope, once you have the size of the insert we suggest that you allow an extra 10mm to both the height and width of the envelope to create a nice snug fit, this doesn’t need to be a strict rule though as we have over 500 cutters in stock varying in envelope sizes, flap size and style for both pockets and wallets, so we are confident that we will have something that will suit your design.

It’s a good idea to remember the price brackets for the Royal Mail postage sizes as well, please see the link attached for these specificationsRoyal Mail

  • Style of envelope

As mentioned we can produce both pockets and wallets, so make sure you have a think about which style would work best for your design, wallets have the opening flap on the long edge and pockets have the flap on the short edge. If your envelope is to go through a mailing machine make sure that you point this out so we can suggest the most suitable mailing wallet for your needs.

We can manufacture bespoke envelopes with various different flap seals, so whether it’s Peel and Seal, Seal-Seal, Gummed or Re-Seal, we have it covered at Opal Envelopes. We can also now produce hot melt peel and seal, which is a stronger adhesive which creates a longer lasting seal if your envelopes are due to be held in stock. On our machines we have the facility to put windows into your envelopes in line as well as off line, so let us know the size and position you need the window to be and I’m sure that we will be able to help.

  • Print and material options

Now to the creative part, we are producing more and more luxury bespoke envelopes as companies are really catching on to the idea that envelopes are a great way to sell your product. A good way to do this is by choosing a nice looking material, we can now manufacture using anything from 90gsm to over 350gsm, so put a bit of thought in to which paper you choose as there are plenty of high quality papers out there which run fine through our machines such as the Colorplan range from GF Smith and the Conqueror or Olin ranges at Antalis. Another way to make your bespoke envelopes stand out is with the design of the print, you can really show off your product here as we can print single or full coverage litho print. So whether you want to supply us with the printed sheets or let us take control, we can produce a quality envelope either way. We also have the facility to print flexographic quality print in-line in 1 or 2 colours, which can be very handy in keeping the price down if it is just text and PPI work that you need.

Please take these things in to consideration when creating your design and between us we will come up with the best envelopes for your needs. Take a look at the link below to see how the manufacturing process works. Make your ideas come to life

Bespoke Custom Envelopes