Direct Mail And Brexit

Direct mail specialists Opal Envelopes as with other companies in Britain are still coming to terms with the Brexit vote. None of us know what the future holds but in uncertain times don’t sit back and wait for it to happen – make it happen!

These days too many companies are guilty of listening to negative press releases and burying their heads hoping they wont be affected. Those companies that are successful are those that continue to promote their business or services even in uncertain times.

The best way of advertising is through a professional Direct Mail campaign. An envelope produced with an eye catching design and clear message to grab the recipients attention really works. Royal Mail have carried out some detailed research and show the results in an amusing video. To view please click on the following link Mail Success

Opal Envelopes can help you with your mailing campaign. Our sales and production teams will help you develop your idea into the finished envelope so your customers sit up and take notice of what you have to offer.

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More information on how Direct Mail can work for your business can be found on the following link. Just fill in the required details and Royal Mail will send you an information pack Further info.

Direct Mail Envelopes
Direct Mail Envelopes