Direct Mail Supplier Opal Envelopes Annual Review

Almost another year over at direct mail supplier Opal Envelopes, time goes so quickly in the envelope industry! We can’t wait until next year as in March 2017 we will be proudly celebrating 25 years of production on site in Wolverhampton UK.

As we close for Christmas already our thoughts are moving towards manufacturing the envelopes for 2018 calendars! Time and production never stands still at Opal.

This year has been another successful one for the direct mail industry as a whole. Although the amount of mail sent has decreased this year due to the effect of the Brexit vote, direct mail continues to be the most successful way of promoting your brand. Please click on the following link to read about how a well designed personalised mail piece is the best form of advertising and obtaining a response from your existing or potential customers Click here

One area of our envelope range we have seen growth in this year has been bespoke gusset envelopes or as we call them Expandelopes™ The Expandelope™ gives you the opportunity to send out thicker pieces of mail. For example we produced for a trade customer the following charity envelope which had inside a fundraising kit as well as a wristband!

An Expandelope™, Direct Mail at its best!
An Expandelope™, Direct Mail at its best!

Opal Envelopes wish all our customers a happy and peaceful Christmas period

Don’t settle for second best use Opal Envelopes and ‘Mail In Style’