Direct Mail volumes very encouraging

Just a quick note as we’ve just had some more very encouraging figures through from EMSA or to give them their proper name, the Envelope Manufacturers and Suppliers Association. We pride ourselves on being a member of EMSA and at the recent AGM we had presentations from key people at Royal Mail and Whistl (the new name for TNT Post)

  • Royal Mail said that although there was still a decline in letter volumes of approx. 3% over the last 12 months, it was smaller than in previous years, and Direct Mail volumes were very encouraging.This also takes into account that Whistl are now doing their own final mile deliveries, using their own postmen in Manchester, Liverpool, and parts of London, which are not included in those figures.
  • Whistl said that they were very encouraged by the way their final mile letter deliveries have gone since they introduced it recently, and planned to recruit thousands more postmen over the next 3 years, to increase their coverage to over 40% of the country.We don’t want to see a threat to the universal 6 day delivery service that Royal Mail provide, (which can only be changed by an act of Parliament), but Whistl believe very strongly that competition is good for the postal market, keeping prices down and service levels high.

This confirms that people’s faith in good old fashioned envelope and direct mail campaigns are increasing. Ditch the email campaign and join the resurgence – Direct Mail produces results.

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See you soon.