Opal’s Gusset Style Envelope – Expandelope®

Hi, as we have mentioned before the more dynamic your envelope concept the more it will get noticed and acted on by the end user. Sometimes heavy or bulky objects have to be mailed out. A good way to do this is to use a gusset envelope.

A gusset is an envelope with expandable sides. They withstand larger, bulkier items such as catalogues as their sides can increase making the capacity of the envelope greater.

They have traditionally been expensive to produce with long leadtimes ………..until now

Opal Envelopes can produce a cheaper, more user friendly gusset envelope called an EXPANDELOPE®

Please take time to watch this promotional video

The Expandelope® gusset envelope is produced on our existing machinery on site in Wolverhampton.

Trade envelope overprinters will love our new gusset style – they are produced flat so overprinting is easy.

The Expandelope® can be produced in stock sizes i.e C4, C5, 381×254 or in a bespoke size of your choice.

We can work with various weights of paper or board from 120gm upto 350gm. If you wish you can add a window to your gusset or leave plain. If you want us to sort the print out we can organize that too, all over coverage or just some simple text its no problem.

Please let me know if you require any samples, call  01902 791212

Bespoke Envelope Butterfly Craft Kit Expandelope
A 220mm x 220mm expandelope with a 25mm capacity for contents