Flatsheet Printed Envelopes

Flatsheet printed envelopes are envelopes produced from pre printed sheets of paper.

Here at Opal Envelopes not only can we manufacture the finished envelopes but we can manage the printing of the sheets for you.

If you prefer you can print the sheets yourselves and send them into Opal Envelopes for conversion. If you want to do this just simply call us up on 01902 791212 and we will organise a digital print laydown for you to work too. The laydown comes with full instructions of where you can position your printed image and where we ask you to leave it plain for us to apply adhesive.

The benefit of flatsheet printed envelopes is you can design your image so it bleeds off the edges of the envelope, with standard stock overprinted envelopes you are restricted where you can place your print. The images below are good examples of  flatsheet printed envelopes where the print bleeds over the edges and back of the envelope.

Pocket Bespoke Wallet Envelope with WindowBespoke Pocket Envelope for Missoula

Bespoke Envelope Butterfly Craft Kit Expandelope

Once you are happy with the design and layout of your print, send the sheets into us. We then precision cut the sheets to produce the envelope blanks. These are then converted into the finished envelope. Please take a look at the video “Make your ideas come to life” click on the this link to view, you’ll find the video at the foot of the page.

It’s totally down to you what size of envelope you choose we are very flexible – we can produce envelopes from 80mm x 90mm upto 457mm x 324mm, paper weights 90gm upto 600gm, window sizes and position are flexible.

Use flatsheet printed envelopes to promote your brand, it works. Check out the link  Royal Mail’s website


Pocket Bespoke Pocket Envelope with Window