Gusset Wallet – The Expandelope™

Opal Envelopes are proud to announce the launch of our new product, the Expandelope™ wallet. This is a gap in the market that we felt needed to be filled as manufacturers of gusset wallets were hard to find.

Earlier this year we launched the Expandelope™ pocket which has revolutionised the envelope gusset market. Gusset wallet and pocket style envelopes had traditionally been expensive to produce with long leadtimes. We can now produce at a fraction of the cost and in a shorter leadtime on our existing machinery in Wolverhampton UK.

A gusset wallet or pocket is an envelope with expandable sides. They withstand larger, bulkier items such as catalogues as their sides can increase making the capacity of the envelope greater.

As we have mentioned before the more dynamic your envelope concept the more it will get noticed and acted on by the end user. Sometimes heavy or bulky objects have to be mailed out. A good way to do this is to use a gusset envelope.

The size range depends on the material you wish the Expandelope™  gusset wallet to be made from. We can produce in a 100gm up to a 600gm if needed. The 100gm would be produced on our paper envelope folding machines the heavier board weights on our Moll folder.

If print is required this can be arranged. All over print coverage is not a problem as we can print the sheets before making up into the finished envelope or if you require we can organise the Expandelope™ gussets to be overprinted afterwards.

The size of gusset is dependent on envelope dimensions and paper weight required. Please call 01902 791212 or email through your requirements, my email address is

Please take time to watch this promotional video, it will give you an insight into how the Expandelope™ is produced