Gusset Capacity Envelopes

We are often asked by our customers to recommend a bespoke size for their presentation pack to be posted out in. Most fit within a standard envelope but sometimes this will not do and extra space is required for the insert to sit comfortably and safety. This is where capacity envelopes are required.

Capacity Envelopes

A capacity envelope is otherwise known as a gusset envelope, here at Opal we have registered the trade name, Expandelopes®. To see how the Expandelope® works please click on the following link to see a video click here

A gusset wallet or pocket is an envelope with expandable sides. They withstand larger, bulkier items such as catalogues as their sides can increase making the capacity of the envelope greater.

Capacity envelopes can be produced in paperweights up to 150gm stop press -board weight gussets coming soon – more details to follow. The capacity envelopes or Expandelopes® to use their proper name can be plain or printed, sized to suit, with a window aperture if required.

Please call the Opal sales department on 01902 791212 for more details or samples