Bespoke envelopes are they worth the extra cost?

The amount of bespoke envelopes Opal produced in the last twelve months was 22 million. The quantity we manufacture continues to grow year on year. The use of an envelope is far from dead despite what the media frequently tell us.

Opal Envelopes have a constant battle on our hands convincing prospective customers that the extra cost of a bespoke envelope is worth it. We agree our product is not the cheapest way of delivering your message to your customers but its certainly the most professional.

Bespoke Envelopes – Image is everything

I recently received an envelope from a hotel chain trying to sell me a deal. The hotel looked great and the printed contents made the hotel look very attractive. However what didn’t sell the idea to me was the tatty brown envelope it was supplied in. The handwritten address on the front also didn’t help.

What we must remember when marketing our business or service is your marketing campaign is the first thing the prospective customer will see. No matter how good your product or service the customers mind will be made up by your choice of marketing. At Opal Envelopes we believe a Bespoke Envelope is by far the best choice. Just think how you would feel receiving a custom made envelope through the post…….

  • The quality paper.
  • The right size envelope for the insert.
  • The envelope printed with your company logo.

The all make a difference…..

Bespoke Envelopes – What can be done?

To be honest the only limit to your design of bespoke envelopes is your imagination. Here at Opal our range of machinery can produce bespoke envelopes in the following

  • From 90gm paper upto 600gm board weight
  • Sizes ranges  in wallets, opening on long edge 80mm x 90mm  up to 340mm x 600mm (dependent on material type)
  • In pockets, opening on short edge 106mm x 92mm up to 460mm x 370mm (dependent on material type)
  • Coverage of print can be all over the envelope, in as many colours as you like.
  • Bespoke paper types are available  eg. tinted, coated, uncoated or all board.

Please call our sales office 01902 791212 for further details or a sample pack.


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