New Envelope Making Envelope Overprinters Lives Easier

As a true UK Envelope Manufacturer we were constantly been asked to produce gusset type envelopes.

A gusset is an envelope with expandable sides. They withstand larger, bulkier items such as catalogues as their sides can increase making the capacity of the envelope greater.

Great for protecting products, but not good if you want to print you’re own personal design on the front – until now……..

Our trade customers from the Litho envelope overprint market asked us for a solution. After a few late nights the Opal production team came up with the Expandelope™ The beauty of the Expandelope™ is it allows a gusset envelope to be produced which is flat rather than the original style which had a ‘v’ shape for the gusset. The traditional style has a habit of springing back as your feeding the envelope through the overprint press, making life tricky for the machine operator.

Traditional Gusset Envelope


Opal Envelopes ‘flat’ Expandelope™

Our litho overprint customers were delighted, they now had a regular supplier of gusset envelopes and also machine running speeds had increased as they could overprint the envelopes quicker.

The other benefit to the Opal Envelopes ‘Expandelope™’ is that it is made in our factory in Wolverhampton UK. We can produce it to your spec ie, bespoke size, bespoke window size and position, bespoke material and with a gusset capacity from 5mm upto 25mm.

We can also produce the Expandelope™ envelope with all over coverage print if you so wish. All we do is print the base paper first flat sheet before cutting and making up into the finished envelope.

Please call 01902 791212 and speak to our sales office for more information and samples if you need.

Expandelope Gusset Envelope Alternative