Opal Envelopes Yearly Review

Well another year over at Opal Envelopes, time goes so quickly in the envelope industry. In the Direct Mail market we are always working on mailing projects for later in the year or for the next season.

As we close for Christmas already our thoughts are moving towards manufacturing the envelopes for 2017 calendars, time never stands still for Opal Envelopes.

This year has been another successful one in the life of Opal Envelopes, we now have the Moll folder fully up and running on all board envelopes whilst production figures on paper styled pocket and wallet envelopes has increased on 2014 figures.

The added benefit of the Moll folder which I may not have mentioned previously is it can fold envelopes in half. For example a 324×229 C4 pocket folds down to a 162×229 C5 wallet. This is useful if your mailing requires a reply envelope for the customer to return back to you. The smaller the envelope package the lower your mailing cost.

Another useful feature is the ability to apply a hot melt peel and seal adhesive to already produced envelopes. This is a useful feature if your manufacturing plant does not have the facility to produce peel and seal envelopes, let us apply the tape to your un-gummed envelopes.

Opal Envelopes wish all our customers a happy and peaceful Christmas period.