Solid Board Sample Envelopes

Calling all printers, envelope manufacturers and paper/board merchants. Improve your companies image by using Solid Board Sample Envelopes.

A companies image in this day and age is crucial. Many companies spend thousands of pounds on fancy websites, social media profiles etc but forget about the more basic means of advertising their product.

Just think when you next send out a sample of your product,

 Is it sent in an outer than portrays your company image?

When your prospective customer receives your sample pack it is also receiving your product, your work ethic and your professionalism.

We have recently manufactured several jobs where the solid board envelopes are being used to send samples in. These solid board envelopes have two main benefits.

  1. The cardboard construction forms a rigid frame around the contents, offering a solid layer of protection ideal for paper products.
  2. The envelopes can be printed with your corporate logo and message.

This extra attention to detail when sending customer samples will make your company stand out from its competitors. Also remember paper and board merchants, we can convert your material. What better than showing your customers what the material can be used for.

Please call the Opal sales office for more details and examples of these solid board sample envelopes.

Ask to speak to David or Tom on 01902 791212 or email

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