The Bespoke Envelope Specialist

Here at Opal Envelopes we pride ourselves in solving your bespoke envelope problems. But remember a bespoke envelope does not mean its expensive.

When sending out your promotional literature the message to your customer is so much better when sent in a bespoke envelope rather than a boring standard white or brown everyday envelope.

As I mentioned previously a bespoke envelope does not mean its expensive. It means the recipient will see the pride you take in delivering your message and their perceptionĀ of your company will increase.

A bespoke envelope may mean an envelope produced in a specialist paper, an envelope with all over print coverage or in an envelope in a bespoke size that fits your contents perfectly.

We can produce your bespoke outerĀ in paper or as an all board envelope.

If you need any further information please call the sales office on 01902 791212.


Direct Mail Envelopes
Direct Mail Envelopes